SEO for Tradies

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What's SEO for tradies all about?

For tradies, SEO is all about beefing up your online presence. It’s like having your signpost on the most bustling street corner, but in this case, the bustling street corner is the top results on Google.

Why does SEO matter for tradies?

Let’s face it, in today’s digital age, when people are in need of a tradesperson, their first instinct is to turn to Google. It has become the go-to platform for finding information and services quickly and conveniently. As a tradesperson, you want to ensure that your business is easily discoverable and prominently displayed when potential clients are searching for the services you offer. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play.

What's the right way to do SEO for tradies?​

Effective SEO involves a couple of key things. First, it’s ensuring your website works well and looks good on all devices – this is all about the ‘user experience’. Secondly, having content on your site that’s not just helpful to your visitors but also clearly communicates to Google what your site is about. This could include descriptions of your services, blog posts about the kind of problems you solve, or showcasing your previous projects

How do tradies get noticed in their local area?

To get noticed locally, you need to make sure Google knows where you’re located and which areas you serve. This means mentioning your service areas on your website and having your business details consistently listed across online directories. Also, positive online reviews and an optimised Google My Business profile can make a world of difference.

When will tradies start seeing results from SEO?

SEO is like a seed planted in fertile ground. With the right care, it can grow and yield significant results. The timeline can vary, but with a well-planned approach, the journey toward growth begins as soon as the SEO strategy is implemented.

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