TradeHustla Reactor

$15,950 / month

Ideal for growing trades businesses with multiple locations, Reactor manages the complexity of your operations with advanced SEO, content creation, and ad management.

The Reactor package is perfectly tailored for small-to-midsize corporate entities. If you manage a growing trades business with multiple locations, this large-in-scope package is designed to handle the complexity of your operations. Here’s what we offer:

  • Digital Marketing Plan: We develop a customized digital marketing plan that aligns with your unique corporate objectives and strategies.
  • Website for Your Business: We design, develop, and launch a comprehensive 5+ page e-commerce website to showcase your business and products online.
  • Branding: We create three to four custom logo design concepts, providing up to 10 revisions. The final design is delivered in multiple formats, including a layered PSD file. We also provide black and white versions and versions for use on both light and dark backgrounds, a social media kit, and a favicon design for your website.
  • Free Monthly Hosting: We offer free monthly hosting services, including SSL Certificate, Edge Page Caching, High Availability, and Object Cache Pro.
  • Website Analytics and Reporting: We monitor and provide alerts on your website’s analytics, helping you quickly respond to changing trends and customer behaviors.
  • Landing Page Design and Build: We design and build two dedicated landing pages to drive conversions and increase lead generation.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis: We research and analyze 150 keywords essential to your business’s online visibility and ranking.
  • SEO Reports: We generate regular SEO reports, providing insights into your website’s performance on search engine rankings.
  • Technical SEO Audit: We conduct regular technical SEO audits to maintain your website’s optimal performance in search engine results.
  • Creation of SEO Strategy: We create a tailored SEO strategy designed to increase your online visibility and web traffic.
  • Technical SEO Implementation: We implement the SEO strategy developed, ensuring higher rankings in search engine results.
  • On-page Site Optimisation: We optimise your 5 e-commerce website pages to improve their performance in search results.
  • Local SEO Implementation: We implement local SEO to enhance your business’s visibility in local search results.
  • Voice SEO Optimisation: We optimise your site for voice search to help customers easily find you through this increasingly popular search method.
  • Advanced E-commerce SEO: We employ advanced SEO techniques for your e-commerce pages to improve their visibility and conversion rates.
  • Content Creation: We produce 3 engaging blog posts per month to keep your audience updated and increase your website’s visibility.
  • Content Push to Social Media: We promote your content on various social media platforms, increasing your reach and engagement.
  • Off-page Optimisation: We generate ten high-quality backlinks per month to boost your site’s credibility and rankings.
  • Google My Business: We create, manage, and optimize your Google My Business profile monthly to enhance your local search visibility.
  • Google Ads for Search and Display: We manage up to 10 ad groups, creating custom ads, handling bid management, and running display ads with custom intent and remarketing strategies.
  • Digital Outdoor Ads: We design and implement digital outdoor ads to increase your business’s visibility and reach.
  • Ad Spend Included: We manage $2,000 AUD per month of ad spend, maximizing your ROI across ad platforms.
  • PPC/Display/Outdoor Campaign Strategy Development and Management: We develop and manage strategies for your PPC, display, and outdoor advertising campaigns, driving optimal results.
  • Advertising Reports: We provide detailed advertising reports, offering insights into your ad campaigns’ performance.
  • Landing Page Optimisation (A/B testing): We perform A/B testing to optimise your landing pages for maximum conversions.
  • Conversion Tracking & Analytics: We track and analyze conversions, helping you improve your marketing strategies and conversion rates.
  • Communication & Reporting: We provide monthly email reports, quarterly calls, and as-needed consultations to ensure clear communication.
  • Bid Strategy & Optimisation: We use semi-automated strategies and provide optimisation as needed for maximum PPC campaign results.
  • Campaign Creation & Management: We create and manage your ad campaigns, complete with competitor analysis, custom ad schedule creation, and extensive use of negative keyword lists.
  • Specialized Strategies: We develop specialized strategies for highly competitive industries and give special attention to your brand and its offers.
  • Reputation Management: We conduct quarterly reputation management to maintain and improve your business’s online image.
  • Scaling & Expansion Support: We support nationwide expansion plans or M&A support, helping your business grow in a structured and efficient manner.
  • Competitive Intelligence (CI) Analysis (every 6 months): We conduct a professional competitive intelligence analysis with added analysis every six months, providing you with a competitive edge.
  • TradeHustla Mastercard Gift Card: We provide a $205 TradeHustla Mastercard gift card every six months as a token of our partnership.
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