A Blueprint for Tradies in the Digital Age​



The digital age is the period in history marked by the widespread adoption and reliance on digital technologies, revolutionizing various aspects of human life and society. Small businesses are showing their strength in the global economy and guess who’s leading the charge? That’s right, it’s you, the tradesperson. Many folks jumping ship from the corporate world to start their own thing, tradies are the new trailblazers of this business revolution. But with this brave new world comes the need to get a handle on digital tools like online marketing and SEO.

Setting Up Shop in the Digital World

Growing business today involves more than just physical space – it’s about staking your claim online, too. A strong online presence helps customers get to know you, understand what makes you different, and find answers to their questions. The sooner you get your digital platform up and running, the quicker you can step into this marketplace, potentially scooping up customers before your competitors do. This guide from the Australian Government can help you get started.

Aiming Your SEO Arrows​

Using SEO tools, find specific “arrow” keywords that can help you hit the bullseye in search engine rankings. Trying to rank for too many or too general keywords is like shooting blindfolded and will probably give you less bang for your buck. 

Feeding Your Content Beast​

As a small business, you’ve got the ability to serve up a smorgasbord of content that’s specific to your trade. From quick updates on social media to longer blog posts or how-to videos, you can attract potential customers by sprinkling relevant keywords throughout your content.

Sussing Out the Competition​

Don’t see your competitors as roadblocks – think of them as teachers. Have a stickybeak at their strategies and performance to learn more about customer behaviour, keyword use, and PPC data. Use this info to avoid their slip-ups and carve your own path to success.

Painting a Picture of Your Customers​

Just as important as knowing your competitors is knowing your customers. Figure out who your products or services are meant for and get to know this group inside out. What motivates them? What online behaviours do they exhibit? What are their interests? Use these insights to decide which keywords will reel them in.

Keeping Up with the Joneses​

The digital world moves at a rapid pace, so it’s important to keep up with the latest social media trends and platforms. By staying on top of what’s hot, you’ll keep your business in the limelight and avoid getting lost in the crowd. Stay informed with trend trackers like Google Trends.

Smooth Sailing Online​

Don’t skimp on your website’s user experience to save a few bucks. Clunky online experience can put customers off and lead to higher bounce rates. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and quick to load, so each visitor has a top-notch experience.

Backing Your SEO Horse

Budgeting for SEO might seem tough for a small business, but it’s essential to see SEO as a non-negotiable part of your business plan. Even when times are tough, setting aside funds for SEO will prevent your business from falling behind. If needed, consider options like a business credit card or a line of credit to fund timely campaigns or hire an SEO consultant or buy an SEO tool to boost your game.

Here at TradeHustla, we’re all about supporting tradies on their digital journey. So, grab your tools and let’s get to work!

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